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Hilco Industrial's corporate philanthropy platform designed to allocate a portion of proceeds from qualified auctions to national charities.


To improve the communities in which we live and work by allocating a portion of proceeds from qualified auctions to local and national charities across the country.

About HilcoHelps

Hilco Industrial, as well as the other Hilco business units, have always been community minded. In the past, several various non-profits have benefited from corporate and personal generosity.  In 2011, managing partners Steve Wolf and Robert Levy desired to create something more formal and structured with respect to the corporate philanthropy and culture. Thus HilcoHelps was born. 

Recent Projects

In 2016, Hilco Industrial selected one lot from each auction and donated an amount equivalent to the hammer price of that lot, plus $1 per lot sold, to a local food bank in the auction area.

In addition, the annual Vulkan Cup golf tournament raised funds for the Alzheimer's Foundation of America.

HilcoHelps is proud to have donated more that $50,000 to these and other charitable organizations in 2016 alone.

Future Projects

HilcoHelps offers employees the opportunity to nominate national non-profit organizations as the potential recipient for designated auctions. From those auctions, $1 per lot and/or the proceeds from chosen lots will be donated to the selected charity. We are also considering a plan to allow our registered bidders and sellers the chance to nominate charitable organizations.

In the future, we hope to create a HilcoHelps scholarship fund, as well as be able to approve small grants to requesting non-profits.

More Information

If you would like to know more about HilcoHelps, please contact:

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