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Fleet Service Spare Parts, Instruments, Fluid Ends, Pumps and Iron; Fracking Materials - Chemicals, Cement and Sand; and Capital Spares - Rebuilt Engines, Engines and Transmissions
Multiple Locations

The inventory is located in several locations across the U.S. and Canada.  

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Please submit your offer indicating within the perpetual inventory list which inventory you would like to purchase and the associated bulk price.  Please summit these offers via email to

Sale Date:
Offers Due by November 13, 2020 5:00 pm ET
Location: 11211 FM 2920 Rd. Tomball, TX 77375 USA
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By appointment only

Sale Contact: Marc O'Neill (412) 613-6739 Customer Service Contact Hilco Industrial Customer Service +1 877.37.HILCO or +1 616.732.1800
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  • Buyers are responsible for removing all of their purchases. Hilco does not provide rigging or shipping services and is not responsible for any rigging or shipping issues.
  • Buyers are responsible for removing all purchased lots, including all associated parts, components and accessories, if applicable, from site by removal deadline. Buyers with items left on site after deadline are subject to fines of $500 per day or could be subject to abandonment with no further recourse.
  • Removal deadline: TBD
  • Standard Removal Terms apply.
  • Anyone performing removal will need to provide proper insurance.
  • buyer release form must be completed and supplied to Hilco personnel if someone other than the registered bidder is picking up auction purchases. They can be turned into Hilco personnel on site or faxed to our office at +1 616.732.7100.
  • Prequalified riggers offering services for this sale will be listed here as they become available.

Transportation Only

Logical Solution Services, Inc. 
200 Union Avenue
Lakehurst, NJ 08733
Contact: Michael Height
Tel: 732-657-7777 x 2 Fax: 732-657-7705

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