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1 - NA Drying room Kelin Drying Cabinet Drying room Kelin Description: Drying roomManufacturer: KelinModel Type: N/AManufacture Date: N/AEquipment S/N: N/AAsset No: N/ALocation: Changshu City, China
RTC China
1 - Pall Palltronic AquaWIT IV Filter - Test & Measurement Palltronic AquaWIT IV Filter test 150W� 90-284V 50Hz supply fuse 13A
1 - Heise PTE-1 Hand Held Pressure Calibrator including manifolds, transport case etc
1 - Bruker Alpha Infrared Spectrometer Including computer, computer screen and printer
1 - Anton Paar mcr 92 Modelar or Compact Rheometer Including Manuals computer and additional parts
1 - Panasonic Vitaris MDF-1156-PE Freezer Ultra Low Temperature Freezer, -152C
1 - Metrohm 930 Compact IC Flex, 800 Dosino, 858 Professional Sample Processor, 945 Professional Detector Vario Ion Chromatograph Ionchromatograph with sampling Unit, Dispenser and Detector Vario; ICFlex Type: 1.940.1540; Including Manual; Brand; Metrohm; Serial: IC Flex:1940000005110; Sampler:1858001005021;...
1 - Waters Chromatograph Waters ACQUITY H-Class; UPLC Chromatography System; System includes: Column Manager CMA; Sample Manager-FTN; Quaternary Solvent Manager QSM; PDA Detector; Isocratic Solvent Manager ISM;...
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