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1 - Test Chamber Bullet-Proof Glass, Lined with 1" Plywood; Shop & Support Equipment; Subsea; NOTE: Total Instrument Control Panels Available Separately as Lots 1036C & 1036D
1 - Chita MFG Co. Ltd C-2769 Leak Tester Cosmo Airleak Tester, Model: LS-1881, Nachi Handling Robot, Dual Arms, Model: AT22, Serial No: N115E451; Vibratory Feeder; Weight - 6500Kg, Asset No: ATS-126 Process: Machining Block Line
1 - AVL Dyno Schneider Indy S22-2/0525 Quality Control Dynamometer Cable Boom: Make: A.V.L Dyno Schneider Indy S22-2/0525, With electrical cabinet, Make: TMC, Date: 2012, High voltage power unit & control desk, Asset No: QDY-007 Motor Exhaust Gas Analyser: Make:...
1 - JPC Leak Tester LCD Control Panel - Make: Toyoda, Model: FP-12CXG; Cosmo Air Leak Tester, Model: LS-1842X, Serial No: 529-9708-245, Asset No: ATS-115 Process: Machining Cam Housing Line
1 - Daisei Co. Ltd AEM-25CRTA Robotic Test Cell LCD Control Panel - Make: Toyoda, Model: FP-12XXG; With Fanuc Handling Robot, Controller Model: System R-30IA, Type: A05B-2549-B171, Serial No: E11832878, Built: Build Date: 2011, with Teach...
1 - Kito 500-A0758 Leak Tester LCD Control Panel � Make: Toyoda, Model: FP-12CXG, with 3x Cosmo LU80A Air Leak testers, twin cell Asset No: ATS-121 Process: Machining Head Line
2 - Anzen RX-Swat-1000 Anzen Model RX-Swat-1000, In Pit, Built 2003 & 1996 respectively. (Located in CS wheel alignment)
2 - Steering Angle Built 1993 and 1996, In Pit. With Control Panel, Shimnei. With Steering Angle Gauges. (Located in CS wheel alignment)
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