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1 - Lowbake Spray Booth & Oven Lowbake, 8m x 4.5m (spray booth), built 1994, down draught extraction through floor then out through roof, lighting, double door entry, pedestrian door, grated floor. (0044368) Natural Gas Oven at...
1 - Garnic Technologies 2577-1 2 Door Oven 18kw Temperature range: 70 to 95 degrees Twin deck Asset No: FA1000267
1 - Blue M POM-1406C-1 Oven 343 Degrees C/650 Degrees F,
North American Tungsten
1 - Garnic Technologies 2577-3 4 Door Oven Gas Consumption 24kWTwin Deck3 Phase Hard WiredSecurity Bond For Roof Flue Repair (Type B Asset) (94866-29)
1 - Adhesive Dry Oven 4 Door - For Service Parts2260mm x 2000mm x 3000mm (H)Asset No: 1000269 (Type A Asset) (94866-101)
1 - Mobile Electrode drying Oven Description: (2) Pcs. Mobile Electrode Oven for drying Welding Electrodes, max Temp: 300C, line: 230V 50HzBeschreibung: Electrodenkoecher, (2) St. Elektrodenkoecher, max Temp: 300C, Netz: 230V 50Hz
German Valve Producer
1 - Nabertherm 25S Annealing Furnace Description: Outside WxDxH: 1.800x2.650x2.450mm InsideWxDxH: 970x1300x470mm, Temperatur control and recording, Line: 3x380V 63kWBeschreibung: Gluehofen  AuenBxTxH: 1.800x2.650x2450mm, InnenBxTxH:...
German Valve Producer
1 - Bleiwenz KOL-E5X4X5 Annealing Furnace Description: OutsideWxDxH: 1.500x850x1.800mm, InsideWxDxH: 500x500x400mm, Max Temp 650C Temperatur control, Line: 3x380V 16,5kWBeschreibung: GluehofenAussenBxTxH: 1.500x850x1.800mm, InnenBxTxH:...
German Valve Producer
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