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1 - Sahara C18E16 CS Product Oven interior dim 55" W x 112" L x 130" H, overall 64" W x 130" L x 140" H
1 - Heat Treat System Heat TreatmentBurnout Furnace Drive n Rail Type, NG, 7m L x 3.2m H x 2.1m w. outside.Furnace - NG, 2.7m L x 1.2m w x 2m H.Aging Furnace (Furn 5)6x Open Top Furnaces - NG. Common Access Platform,...
1 - Despatch PTE60X38X24 Preheat Oven 850-Degree F, Electric, 51kW Heater, 51.2-Amp Heater with Automatic Door & Temperature Controllers - Rigging & Loading Fee $1,200 USD + HST 
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1 - Thermal Systems Model VTF-24 3,850,000-Btu/Hour Maximum Input Tenter Frame Drying Oven 300 Degree F Maximum Oven Temperature Capacity, Gas Fired, Single Pass, Single Zone, 5mW x 24'L Oven Dimensions; with (2) 3,500,000-Btu Burners; (6) 30 hp Circulation Supply Fans (Motors...
Kraus Carpet Inc. - Online Only
1 - Tuftco 4-Meter Drying Oven 4mW x 115'L, Gas Fired, Single Pass, 5-Zone Bottom/3-Zone Top; with (8) Burners (3,500,000 Btu/Burner #1/ 1,500,000 Btu/Burner #2 Thru #8); (11) Recirculation Supply Blowers, 25 hp Each; 10'...
Kraus Carpet Inc. - Online Only
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