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1 - BKD 130 Crankshaft Grinder Year: 1966Year of refit: 2010Control: ManualMax Grinding diameter: 300Max workpiece length: 6000Max workpiece weight in Tons: 8Min pin width: 3 000Production possibilities: Crankshafts: strokes +...
1 - Cetos BK 140NC CNC Crankshaft Grinder Control: Siemens 840CMax Grinding diameter: 500Max workpiece length: 1000-12500Max workpiece weight in Tons: 3-25Min pin width: 150Production possibilities: Max diameter of workpiece: 1400Weight...
1 - Karats CG CNC Crankshaft Grinder Max grinding length 6.300 mm; max swing 800 mm; with many crankshaft steadies.​
Dong Cheon
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