Some of the asset types Hilco purchases include:
HilcoLogoBullet Machinery & Equipment
HilcoLogoBullet Inventory
HilcoLogoBullet Real Estate
HilcoLogoBullet Accounts Receivable
HilcoLogoBullet Intellectual Property

As a multi-faceted company with specialized divisions and vast capital resources, Hilco is uniquely positioned to purchase debt collateralized by multiple asset classes. Because we have established sales methodologies and avenues for many types of assets, we are able to purchase debt directly from lenders, allowing them to quickly and easily exit the liquidation process.

With the financial backing of the Hilco Global organization, we can step in pre-bankruptcy and pay cash up front for many types of assets, eliminating the need for long-term involvement on the part of the lender. We'll carry the cost of the assets for both healthy and distressed companies, provide expertise on legal issues and help avoid the complications of foreclosure.

Hilco can purchase all kinds of debt. Contact us for details.

Case Study: Core Systems, LLC


Hilco and partners purchased the senior and mezzanine debt of distressed plastic injection molding company Core Systems LLC, which was collateralized by machinery & equipment, inventory, accounts receivable, intellectual property and certain litigations. Hilco Industrial auctioned off the company's machinery and equipment while other Hilco entities managed the other asset types, eliminating the lender's involvement early in the process.