Asset Redeployment Process
Check Identify assets for potential redeployment
Check Identify personnel who can request assets for their facility
Check Offer assets for designated redeployment period
Check Approve or deny redeployment requests
Check Generate reports and transfer assets
Check Automatically send remaining assets to auction or liquidation

Many large clients with multiple facilities around the world struggle to ensure that their assets are utilized to their best advantage for the benefit of the organization. A valuable piece of machinery may sit underutilized in one facility while a plant manager at another facility looks to purchase that same machine from outside the organization.

Hilco's Enterprise Asset Redeployment (HEAR) provides visibility for underutilized assets and empowers employees to recognize and create internal efficiencies. HEAR is a web-based, easy-to-use platform with multiple user permissions and simple shopping cart-based functionality. The system can be managed completely within your organization, or by your Hilco project manager in conjunction with your internal administrator.

Assets which can't be redeployed internally within a designated period of time can be rolled over to a Hilco auction or liquidation with the click of a button, generating income from obsolete equipment.

Learn how Hilco Hilco can help you better utilize your existing assets. Contact us for details.

Case Studies: Seagate & Western Digital


Seagate, a world leader in hard disk drives and storage solutions, is committed to developing and maintaining sustainable, responsible practices in its worldwide operations through its Global Citizenship Program. As part of that commitment, Seagate endeavors to utilize their internal assets to their maximum capabilities and to exhaust every avenue before scrapping a machine.

Through the Hilco Enterprise Asset Redeployment Program, Seagate connects all its facilities worldwide and enables its employees to list and search for machines that could be better utilized in a different location. Assets that can't be cost-effectively relocated are automatically converted to revenue through regular auctions.



A global supplier of hard drives and solid state drives, Western Digital houses several manufacturing operations around the world. Their Global Citizenship commitment also drives them to ensure sustainable long-term operations with minimal impact on the environment. One of the tools through which WD meets these high standard is the Hilco Enterprise Asset Redeployment program. As a partner to WD, Hilco provides the structure through which the company can reuse machinery and equipment internally to minimize waste and create efficiencies.