Harbor Isle Plastics For Sale
(26) Injection Molding Machines from 110-Ton to 750-Ton - as New as 2015, Most with Robots, Bulk Drying & Blending System, Support Equipment

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Auction Canceled - Sold to Bulk Buyer
Erster Lot schließt:
03 March 2016 11:00 am ET
Standort 2337 West Marquette Woods Rd. Stevensville, MI 49127 USA
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2 March 2016 9:00AM - 4:00PM ET
or earlier by appointment.

Sale Contact: Jeffrey Tilton jtilton@hilcoglobal.com +1 419.344.4435 Kundenservice-Kontakt Hilco Customer Support Team info@hilcoind.com +1 877.37 HILCO or +1 616.732.1800
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  • Buyers are responsible for removing all of their purchases. Hilco or the Branford Group do not provide rigging or shipping services and are not responsible for any rigging or shipping issues. Additional removal information can be found on the Branford Group's auction page
  • Removal will begin on Friday, 4 March from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM ET.
  • Removal deadline: 25 March 2016.
  • To schedule removal, please contact: Rich Abbatoy, +1 203.909.0817, rabbatoy@thebranfordgroup.com
  • Pre-qualified Riggers:

Logical Solution Services - TRANSPORTATION ONLY
Contact: Michael Height
Phone: (732) 657-7777
Email: customersupport@solutionservices.us
Website: www.solutionservices.us
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