Due to complete plant closure, former assets of
Portola Tech International HilCast Auction
Complete Closure of Cosmetic Packaging Facility featuring injection molders and support equipment

18 October 2012
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Standort 35 Martin Street Cumberland, RI 02864 USA
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Besichtigung Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Sale Contact: CRG Customer Service 800-300-6852
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Buyer or its authorized agent is responsible for removal of equipment by the Removal Deadline in accordance with all applicable terms and conditions.


All purchases must be completely removed by the date posted for each sale.
The removal deadline is November 2, 2012.

Removal Hours and Dates

Removal hours, dates and deadlines will be posted and/or announced for each sale and will be strictly adhered to. All purchases must be completely removed no later than the date specified. NO MERCHANDISE WILL BE RELEASED DURING THE AUCTION SALE OR WITHOUT PAYMENT IN FULL. Buyer is responsible for arranging for packing and shipping of all lots purchased and paying for all shipping and handling charges. Buyer expressly assumes all responsibility to secure all safety equipment and to meet all applicable local, state and governmental safety standards in using or removing any items purchased.

Regular removal hours are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Specific dates are set for each sale. These dates and times are strictly adhered to.

Riggers and Movers

All contracted riggers and movers must have an insurance certificate on file with CRG with a minimum of $2,000,000 in comprehensive liability insurance written by an insurance carrier of national standing in form, scope and content acceptable to CRG in its sole discretion and which names CRG and, if applicable, Consignor, as additional insured(s) and lists as the location the auction location, before any item may be removed. Insurance certificates should be faxed to our office at (860) 623-9160 prior to any handling or removal of items.

Removal Procedures

Pay your invoice in full. You will then be given 2 copies of your invoice. Return to the auction site during the removal hours with the pick-up copy of your invoice. The CRG representative will allow you to remove all of the items you purchased at the auction. If you are unable to remove all of your items in one day, bring the original pick-up copy of your invoice when you return. This is the only way for CRG to be sure of which items you have already removed.

Payment Deadline: Within one (1) business day after invoice date.

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