By Order of Western Digital Corporation, Assets Surplus to On-Going Operations
Western Digital For Sale
Excellent Selection of 150mm 6" Semiconductor Fabrication and Inspection Tools

Broschüre (PDF) herunterladen Weitere Informationen zum Verkaufsstandort und angezeigten Objekten.
Ongoing through March 2015
Standort 44100 Osgood Road Fremont, CA 94539 USA
Secondary Asset Location: 590 Brennan Street San Jose, CA USA
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By appointment only

Sale Contact: Jeff Goddard +1.206.300.1899 John Ward +1 714.393.5111
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All tools will be disconnected by Western Digital and be rigged and de-installed by Western Digital's vendor. All buyers will be charged for de-installation only and this charge will appear on each invoice. Please review the lot catalog for specific charges that will be added by each tool.

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