Equipment no longer required in the ongoing operations of Leader Energy
Leader Energy Services For Sale
Coil Tubing Trucks, Trailers, Hydraulic Power Units and Support providing a full range of coiled tubing services with a depth capacity of 5,600 meters.

Broschüre (PDF) herunterladen Weitere Informationen zum Verkaufsstandort und angezeigten Objekten.
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Standort 700, 706 - 7 Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T2P0Z1 Canada
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Sale Contact: Jody Bacque +1 251 404 2367
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  • Removal Deadline: January 9, 2015
  • Removal Hours: By appointment Only
  • No removal until paid in full
  • No payment accepted onsite
  • Any company dismantling or operating machinery onsite must provide sufficient insurance
  • Standard Removal Terms also apply.
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