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1 - Water Treatment System Water Treatment Plant & BoilersWater Treatment Plant - Tanks, Pumps, Trent Filter Press (28 Filter)
1 - System - Plant Support Plant ServicesComp Air Sirus 250/7.5A Air CompressorIngersoll Rand R160 NE Air Compressor (2013)Champion VOC20 750kpa Air Compressor (2013)2x Champion Air DryersComp Air Dryer5x Receiver Tanks
1 - Richmond Spray Booth Conformal Coating Dipping Room / Spray Booth with Extraction, 600mm x 330mm x 230mm, with SMS Automation PNEU-DIP 100 Conformal Coating Machine Serial No. JB0100 (2014) and Drying Racks (x 12)
Harvard Technology Limited
Howard Hunt (City) Limited
1 - Worthington Creysennsac RLR75V7 9.5 Bar Packaged Air Compressor 40,753 Hours Recorded and 1 x Worthington Creysennsac RLR125V Packaged Air Compressor 10 Bar. Year 2012, 22,434 Hours and 1 x Worthington Creysennsac RLR125V 10 Bar Packaged Air Compressor. Year...
Howard Hunt (City) Limited
Howard Hunt (City) Limited
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