J SharpeJohn Sharpe
Managing Director
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With more than 20 years’ experience in the industrial auction marketplace, John has negotiated the acquisition and subsequent sale of hundreds of millions of dollars of industrial-related assets including metalworking, plastics, printing, processing, construction and other types of machinery and equipment. While he has worked on several projects for major clients, including GE, General Motors and National Acme, John is equally proud of his accomplishments with the small “mom and pop” tool and die shops.

John started in the business at the ground floor learning all facets of the industrial auction business: from setting up plants, to marketing events; from project management to sales; from business development to leadership roles. He understands all aspects including the details and challenges when it comes to conducting a successful sale and disposition of assets and real property.

John holds auction licenses in good standing in the U.S and Canada and is considered the preeminent auctioneer with an impeccable reputation of delivering for his clients.

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